Traffic Source Quality Checker



M-Score is a qualitiative method of measuring the quality of each traffic source in your Google Analytics account.

The ideal traffic source is the one with the highest M-Score (quality) + the highest number of sessions (quantity)


M-Scores are calculated using a unique algorithm that takes into consideration several signals to assess the quality of each UTM Source (or Medium) that has been logged in the GA account of any website. It takes into consideration factors such as Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Goal Completions, Assisted Conversions, and around 10 other signals to come up with a numerical score.

We created a free tool that checks your Google Analytics account and measures M-Score for each of your traffic sources. 

How to use:

– Click the Check M-Score button below
– Login in with the email that has access to the Google Analytics property on the website you want to check
– Choose the right Google Analytics view for the website
– You will then get the results of your website’s traffic resources instantly.  

Interpreting the data:

You will get a score for each traffic source that brought visitors to your website.  The higher the score the better the quality of that source. The results you will see will help you spot hidden gems (good quality traffic sources) in your analytics that you probably didn’t know about. You can then know which sources to focus on getting more traffic of, and which ones to invest less on.


Note: This tool is not mobile friendly due to the charts and graphs that need to be displayed, we recommend you use it on your desktop.

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