Really Simple Keyword Tool (RSKT)

When creating a Search campaign on Google Ads, marketers spend a lot of time trying to choose the best keywords which they anticipate their target audience would be searching for.
Keyword research is an extremely important part of search marketing, and the success of any PPC campaign highly depends on how well it is performed.
We created a really simple tool to help you:  the Really Simple Keyword Tool (RSKT)
How to use:
1- Enter the URL of the website you want to run a Search campaign for and click “Analyze Website”
2- Our tool will crawl your website, analyze its content and recommend some keywords related to the website
3- Choose the keywords you feel are the most relevant to the website, and click “Get Queries”
4- Our tool will then go a step further to show actual queries that users search for, those can be helpful when looking for long-tail phrases that offer cheaper cost per click and more targeted audiences
5- You can then download all the Keywords and Queries you like as a CSV file to use in your search campaigns


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