Simple Banner Tool

The Simple Banner Tool is an easy-to-use (and free) tool that allows you to create beautiful, designer-quality display ads for your Google Display Network campaigns in a few seconds.
This offers huge benefits when it comes to time savings. Advertisers and agencies often don’t have the time and expertise necessary to build display creative in-house. You can cut hours from your work week that you might have spent designing mockups, writing ad copy, refining creative elements, and adjusting for every available ad size.
MetaDSP customers don’t even need to create any banners themselves, because our A.I will use this technology to dynamically build hundreds of ads out of the images and text on their website.

How to use: 
1- Click the “Launch Banner Tool” button below
2- A new window will open with the app, click the “Images & Logos” button
3- You can either scan a website to extract all the images automatically, or you can upload images from your hard drive if you like
4- Add images, logos, headlines, descriptions, and you will get high-quality, ready-to-download banners in a few seconds
5- Save the banners to your computer by clicking on the download icon, and feel free to use them on GDN or any other display network