Automated Optimization

InstaScaler continuously optimizes the campaigns it creates on your behalf 24/7 to ensure you continue to get better quality traffic every day with zero effort from your side.

Automated Campaign Optimization

Campaign optimization is a continuous process to ensure you are getting the most out of your campaign budget.

It requires continuous changes to the targeting options, the Ad variations and so on.

InstaScaler fully automates this process for you by monitoring your campaigns and automatically enhancing them to increase their effectiveness and get you better results.

What does InstaScaler Optimize for?

Depending on the type of business, high quality traffic means different things.

It might mean a higher time on site, high engagement and pages per session or a higher conversion rate.

InstaScaler will monitor the performance of the traffic it delivers through your Google Analytics and will automatically tweak the campaigns it created to enhance their performance,

Ready to start automating your campaigns optimization?

Campaign optimization is the most important piece of any digital advertising campaign. Automating this part gives you unparalleled efficiency, results, and peace of mind.