How it Works

How automated traffic acquisition works, from the moment you signup, to setting up the campaign, to finally getting high quality traffic to your website.

The Sign Up Process - 3 Simple Steps

Signing Up to InstaScaler couldn't be easier. You just need to fill a form, enter your URL, targeted locations and you're done in 60 seconds.

Sign up Page

Enter your email and password. This will be what you will use to login to your dashboard.

Your Campaign Details

Enter the URL of the website you want to drive traffic to, and the target locations.

Choose your plan

There are several plans, and there are two objectives (Awareness and Conversions).

The Campaign Setup Process

After payment, your campaign goes through the below process.


Integrate with Google Analytics or Install our Pixel

If you already have a Google Analytics account you can integrate it with InstaScaler in a single step. If you have access to the website code, you can also install our pixel.


Campaign Approval (1-2) Days

Normally the approval shouldn't take more than 1 business day. If your campaign is not listed under the prohibited categories (check our FAQ), you should be good to go.


Testing Phase (1-3) Days

After your campaign is approved, it goes through a testing phase. You will start receiving test traffic. InstaScaler engine will monitor this traffic to identify the best traffic sources to use and select the best ones along with the best Ads. All traffic during the testing phase is completely FREE.


Delivery Phase

Once testing is done, you will start receiving high-quality traffic and you can start monitoring this traffic on your dashboard or through Google Analytics.



If you are satisfied with your campaign and you do not ask for cancellation your campaign will be renewed automatically after 30 days. To cancel just drop an email to our support and your renewal will be cancelled.

Ready to Start Your Campaign?