The Marketing Funnel

To acquire customers through digital ads, it's important to understand the 3 stages of the marketing funnel: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion

Awareness - Top of the funnel

At the very top of your marketing funnel you're looking to attract a much larger audience of potential customers. These are people who are just getting to know about your brand. You need to acquire high quality traffic at this stage so you can successfully move them towards the bottom of the funnel.


Your campaign will be optimized to get you high quality visitors and traffic. If your website has low traffic today then we advise you to choose this.

  • Build Customer Awareness for Your Brand
  • Promote the Website
  • Extend Your Reach


Your campaign will be optimized to get you conversions (sales). Only choose this if you already have decent volumes of traffic coming to your website.

  • Influence Action
  • Drive Results
  • Increase Sales

Conversions - Bottom of the funnel

Once people have visited your website at least once, you are able to successfully re-target them and get them back to your website to sign up, make a purchase, or perform any other conversion action you desire. At this stage you are looking for people with high intent to convert.

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