Announcing InstaScaler’s Free Traffic Program.

InstaScaler was created with a vision to transform digital marketing into a one-click process, thereby democratizing it for everyone.

We’re on a journey to spread this vision across the world, and everyday we get one step closer to doing so.

Today we are proud to announce a unique program that aims to make our product more accessible to everyone, by making it completely FREE!

Here are the details of the program:

  • Everyone can get a $150 monthly advertising budget on InstaScaler, completely for free!
  • We can only accept 50 people to the program (every month) on a first-come basis
  • You will need to install a small badge on your website to be eligible for the free credits
  • You will continue to get $150 monthly credits for 12 months after you join, which is a total of $1,800 in FREE advertising credits, and translates to a ton of high quality traffic to your website!

Why are we doing this?

Because InstaScaler is meant to democratize digital marketing in a unique and disruptive way, just like Uber did for transportation. You have to experience it to appreciate how unique it is, and we want to make this experience accessible to everyone.

How do we acquire traffic for you?

InstaScaler is a fully automated marketing platform that is connected to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and hundreds of marketing channels. All we need is your URL, which our engine uses to create and manage digital marketing campaigns for you across all those channels using information extracted from your website.

So you automate everything, even creation of banners etc?

We can fully automate the process, including creation of the banners for you (which is something over-seen by our internal team of designers). However if you prefer to provide your own banners and images, you can do so as well. In this case we will take the material you provide, and automate everything else for you.

How do I monitor the traffic?

Once your account is created you will get access to your dashboard where you can see full information on all the traffic you are getting from InstaScaler. You can also use Google Analytics since all our traffic is tagged with a unique UTM source.

What does the badge look like?

To be eligible for the free traffic program you will need to install a badge on your website, this helps other website owners and visitors of your website to know about InstaScaler, and help us to spread our vision to more people.

The badge is meant to be as transparent as possible so it doesn’t affect your website’s usability or look and feel.

The red arrow in the image below points to the badge, and shows what it would look like once its installed on your website.


How do I install it?

Once you fill in the registration form, our team will get in touch with you to help you set up everything and get started.

That’s cool, how do I help you spread this vision?

Once you sign-up using the form below, you will get your own referral link. You can share this link with your friends, and for every person you refer who signs up, you will get an additional 10% of free traffic every month for the duration of your program.

There is no limit to how many people you can refer, so you can potentially double or triple the amount of traffic you get just be getting more referrals!

Sounds great! How do I join the free traffic program?

Just fill in the form below. You will be contacted by our team to kick-start the process.

Sign-up now and start advertising your website for free with InstaScaler!




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