SocialXpand experienced 26% increase in conversions


ABOUT SocialXpand:

SocialXpand offers a wide range of services in the field of social media marketing and online reputation monitoring, namely social media management, social analytics, deals and contests.


Their vision is to make social media serve the best interest of your business by helping them optimize and promote your business across social media websites to get customers that are ready to buy. Additionally, SocialXpand provides an online dashboard where you can track all of your key metrics and see everything that is being said about your business online.



  • Acquire new customers
  • Get conversions
  • Get more traffic and increase user engagement



  • SocialXpand created 5 consecutive InstaScaler campaigns all targeting the United States.
  • The team integrated their Google Analytics with InstaScaler dashboard to help the engine understand the behaviour of the visitors
  • InstaScaler ran a test for the first 4 days to collect data and decide on which traffic sources would work best for this category, region, and type of audience.
  • InstaScaler automatically created multiple versions of the Ads and optimized towards the best-performing ones (highest engagement rate)



  • An increase in the average visit duration of more than 01:79
  • Conversion rates reached 26% of the targeted audience.
  • An average page per session went up to 2.5 pages.


SocialXpand team was searching for one platform which has the capacity to acquire traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, etc as a way to expand their reach and increase their user database. Using InstaScaler, SocialXpand had to share the single URL per country, set a specific budget of around $299 per month and integrate their Google Analytics to provide data to feed into the engine and optimize the campaigns towards it.


Sector: Social Media Marketing

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