24% increase in conversions of CompTIA , more than 8,500 visitors


It all started with A+. Back in 1993, they developed a revolutionary IT certification that was not tied to a particular manufacturer, but vendor-neutral. The concept took off and today CompTIA offers four IT certification series that test different knowledge standards, from entry-level to expert.


CompTIA support individuals interested in becoming certified, they take you through the process from beginning to certification. They will give you options on how you can study for the exam and help you narrow down which training centres and study materials provide the best training resources. They will also help you purchase exam vouchers and find the training site nearest to you.



  • Create brand awareness
  • Efficiently manage the frequency and reach
  • Increase users engagement with the website to go on tutorials, courses and learning paths



  • CompTIA created 4 separate InstaScaler campaigns all targeting the United States.
  • The team integrated their Google Analytics with InstaScaler dashboard to help the engine understand the behaviour of the visitors
  • InstaScaler ran a test for the first 3 days to collect data and decide on which traffic sources would work best for this category, region, and type of audience.
  • InstaScaler automatically created multiple versions of the Ads and optimized towards the best-performing ones (highest engagement rate)



  • InstaScaler delivered 8,500 real visitors.
  • 24% of 8,500 visitors converted to CompTIA google analytics goals.
  • An increase in the average visit duration of more than 03:42.
  • An average page per session went up to 4 pages.


CompTIA team was trying to find a platform to get traffic quickly without optimizing, monitoring and spending so much money on different platforms to reach their target. Using InstaScaler, CompTIA had to share the single URL per country, set a specific budget of around $375 per month and integrate their Google Analytics to provide a feedback loop for the engine and utilize its machine learning capacities. Henceforth, by the 4th cycle, InstaScaler had enough data to improve the quality of traffic being sent to CompTIA .



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