TIGER PRESENTATIONS Case study: 55% boost in monthly website visits

Tiger Presentations marketing solutions are tools, which help attract the attention of your potential customer without the high associated cost of traditional marketing tools. They are lightweight, saving shipping and handling costs. Set up in minutes, with no special labor required. We design products to work in all kinds of selling environments, helping spread your marketing investment over the entire year, not just over a few events.

Tiger Presentations offers a full line of trade show displays featuring:

  • Interchangeable Graphics
  • Modular Designs
  • Tool-Free Setup
  • Lightweight Packages. 



  • Reach their target audience which are companies looking to exhibit solutions
  • Showcase their products and offerings for interested companies.
  • Receive requests for quotes/leads.



  • 6 months awareness campaign targeting the United States with a monthly budget of $999.
  • Tiger presentations team integrated their Google Analytics with InstaScaler dashboard to help with the optimization of the campaign
  • Added a conversion pixel to the website and left the rest to InstaScaler engine.



  • 55% increase in new visits
  • Over a thousand users who spent an average of 01:28 minutes browsing the site.
  • Increase brand awareness among the target audience with no effort from the team other than adding the URL and Integrating Google Analytics.


“We are fascinated by the idea of running a digital campaign that we don’t have to babysit.”

David Eklund: Marketing Manager

Tiger Presentations



Tiger Presentations team was straggling to find a way to create their online campaigns to build their brand awareness in the U.S. They came across InstaScaler and they decided it is time to delegate all their activities to Artificial Intelligence.

It was not only difficult for the marketing team to create hundreds of variations of the digital Ads and decide on which was performing. The team was not able to decide what was the best channel to market their niche services. It is a business-to-business service, and it is targeted at people who are focusing on offline marketing activities and participating in exhibitions.

A monthly-automated plan was the best option for the team to keep focusing on what matters, serving customers and growing the business.

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