MANDARINE ACADEMY increased their website engagement and new visits by 75%


About Mandarine Academy:

Mandarine Academy supports companies with their digital transformation by simplifying the handling and use of new technologies for all staff.

Thanks to a unique approach combining a digital platform with personalized and frequent support in one-to-one meetings, Mandarine Academy offers a new, more efficient way of training in terms of development, capacity, time and budget.




  • Create brand awareness
  • Efficiently manage frequency and reach
  • Increase users engagement with the website to go tutorials, courses and learning paths




  • 2 separate InstaScaler campaigns one targeting the United Kingdom and the other targeting France.
  • Mandarine Academy team integrated their Google Analytics with InstaScaler dashboard to help the engine understand the behavior of the visitors
  • InstaScaler ran a test for the first 5 days to collect data and decide on which traffic sources would work best for this category, region, and type of audience.
  • InstaScaler automatically created multiple versions of the Ads and optimized towards the best-performing ones (highest engagement rate)




  • 75% increase in new visits
  • 65% improvement in cost per unique user
  • An increase in the average visit duration of more than 6 minutes


“We started getting traffic by doing almost nothing! I like the fact that Ads are created automatically without us having to use several platforms.”

Léa Van De Velde: Community Manager

Mandarine Academy

Mandarine Academy team was trying to find a platform to consolidate all their marketing activities for the different regions they are trying to target. It was almost impossible to create the same campaign which can target both France and the United Kingdom considering the different languages and the different versions of the website.

Using InstaScaler, Mandarine Academy had to share the single URL per country, set a specific budget of around $599 per month and integrate their Google Analytics to feedback the system and try to optimize towards the Goals that were set.

It took the system around 1 week to collect the data and find the best sources that can get the results for each of the countries. Immediately after the data collection period the team started getting the results they wanted.

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