Doogheno Case study: 300% increase in traffic in the first month

Doogheno is an inbound marketing company bridging the gap between marketing and sales.

Doogheno is an agency based in the UK, it creates long-term lead generation and leads nurturing through Inbound Marketing, including Micro Targeting to deliver greater results faster, and Outbound Marketing to accelerate sales.



  • Finding a good traffic source which provides high quality visitors.
  • Finding a system to run a campaign on a budget.
  • Acquiring customers who are engaging with the website and converting.



  • Three months campaign targeting the United Kingdom with a monthly budget of $299.
  • Doogheno integrated Google Analytics and set up the goals.
  • InstaScaler sent the best quality traffic it could acquire while optimizing towards the goals set by dooghero in Google Analytics.



  • 300% increase in traffic in the first month.
  • Customers engaging with the website with more than 2 minutes of time on site as per the data from Google Analytics.
  • Approximately 3% conversion rate which was measured by the goals set on Google Analytics by doogheno team.


Daniel Smith: Director – Sales and Marketing

Doogheno selected InstaScaler as their main traffic acquisition source for its simplicity and ease of use. It required minimal efforts from the team to set up their first campaign and left the rest for the engine to optimize the traffic towards the goals the team set in Google Analytics.

The team ran 3 separate campaigns for 3 of their websites and successfully acquired high-quality customers effortlessly.

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