The First 5 Things To Include On Your Website Launch Checklist

website launch checklist

You just built and launched your website, congrats! Now you may think you have done the hard part, but as we run on a thing as huge as the internet, you may be just getting started! Because the more your website will be exposed to visitors and actions, the more you will find a lot of work to do to keep it up and running well. So just to get started, here are the first 5 things that should be on your website launch checklist.

1- Content Reviewing

You may have done this step before launching your website, but you need to do it again after compiling all your website code together. To make sure everything is up and running smoothly right as you planned, especially images and meta tags. Because there are some errors that may happen when your website goes live.

2- Crucial To Your Website Launch Checklist: Search Ranking


Organic search represents the most important source of websites traffic, as it represents more than 60% of web traffic alone according to Conductor. That’s why it’s a must to continuously monitor and optimize your search engine ranking, to always maintain high levels of website traffic. But it also has a disadvantage that it’s not always accurately targeted. Also the search keywords can get tricky at times. Therefore you shouldn’t depend on it alone.

3- Promotion

Now after you are all set and knew that SEO isn’t enough, you sure need to get laser targeted traffic. So you start promoting it by creating ads on different platforms. However, this also doesn’t solve the problem completely and doesn’t guarantee high quality visitors. Because of the nature of traditional advertising services. Here’s where automated advertising shines, as it saves you from all the targeting and low quality visitors problems due to its model and advanced technology. As it can do all the creation, targeting, and traffic acquisition for your ads automatically, without any interaction from you!

4- Analytics

website launch checklist

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming

This is the reason you have to be monitoring and acting based on your website’s analytics from day one, to be data-driven with your future actions regarding your website. Depending on how much time visitors spend on your website (and every page), their bounce rate, conversion rate… etc. You will get a lot of guidance, and eventually better decisions when you analyze this data. And Likely there are simple yet insightful tools to do this through, such as Google Analytics and Inspectlet.

5- Patience







At the end, building and maintaining a solid website and traffic takes time. Therefore you have to be patient as long as you are working to improve and maintain your website persistently.


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