Build Your First Website In 9 Simple Steps!


Having an online presence to your business is something essential in today’s business world. So building a website to your startup business is something unquestionable and worth investing time and effort in. And if it’s your first website, we have compiled this list to make it easier for you to build your first website. So let’s get to it!

1- Coming up with The Idea


“What’s the most resilient parasite? – An idea.” – Cobb

Defining your website idea is the first actual step into building it. Choosing an exact idea and starting to identify what problems it solves? How it solves them differently is the master key to a successful and valuable website. So you have to choose a solid and useful website idea to build a website that people will want to use.

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2- Communicating with Your Target Group

Your target group is whom you are building your website to. Therefore you should communicate with them regularly to validate your initial idea at first, and then to get real feedback about your website along the way.

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3- Analyzing The Competition

Analyzing the competition in the market you will be competing in is a major step in entering it. As when you analyze the competition in the market you get to know who are your competitors? What are the similarities and the differences between you and them? And most importantly, what is your competitive advantage? To focus on it in your marketing efforts.

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4- Build Your First Website: A Prototype

Developing your prototype is the first real action step you can take to build your first website. But to not waste too much time or effort on building it, you can do it according to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) framework. That allows you to have an actual product to show it to people and test on, but yet don’t extract all the available resources you have. Some of the most popular tools to build your website prototype on are Instapage, and WordPress.

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5- Validating Your Website Idea

Validating your idea is the green light to continue building your full website after the prototype. You can validate your website idea by showing its prototype to a group of your potential users through validation methods, such as closed sign up forms, or even by creating a beta test. If your beta testers gave you the green light, you can safely now continue to build your first website. But if they didn’t, you should go back and continue working from the second step to make sure to build something people love

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6- Building The Features People Love


“Build something 100 people who love, not something 1 million people kind of like.” – Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-founder & CEO

Now after your testers gave you their feedback and the OK sign to continue building on your prototype, you should consider their feedback as a guide and include it in your website roadmap. As they represent the people who will be using your website. Because of this you should keep and always improve the features they like, and eliminate the ones they didn’t.

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7- Avoiding The Fuzzy-Wuzzies

build your first website

Your website should have clear features and mission, at least in the early days. For this reason, you should develop a one or two use cases at most for your website and work upon them. To be clear to its users what it does, and to avoid the random features.

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8- Launching Your Website

Now after you are all set and ready to skyrocket your website way, launching is the most important, yet critical step you have to take to build your first website. As it can turn into either a sweet dream, or a scary nightmare! So, you should create a launching plan that includes all the things you will do before launching. Such as most importantly: Testing your website domain, reviewing the content on your website, and having your launching marketing campaign ready.

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9- Analytics and Iteration

Congrats! Now it’s supposed that your website is up and running. But as you know in the internet world, there’s no finish line! Therefore your role now is to camp on the analytics tool you are using to know the live feedback from your website actual users. What pages do they visit the most? How long do they stay on these pages, and your website overall? And most importantly, do they sign up/purchase what your offering? These are questions you can get their answers from analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Heap analytics.

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