Launching A New Product? Know How Automated Advertising Can Help!

New Product

As we saw why automated advertising is essential to your startup business in the previous post. But what if you have a stable business, and you just want to launch a new product? Let’s walk through this post to show you how automated advertising can help you launch and scale it in these 5 different ways.


1- Building The Right Features

When you use automated advertising, it helps you reach your target customers with exact precision, and in a faster way. Doing this, you get to collect the right user feedback about your new product from the right people, in less time. Which helps you eventually in building the right features and eliminating the less likely ones. In contrast to using traditional advertising platforms, that show your ads to both interested and uninterested visitors. Which makes the feedback you collect less valuable and more diluted.

2- Faster Go-To-Market

One of the most important, yet difficult, steps in marketing your new product is not just trying to promote it, but actually bringing it into the market with a big bang. We all know the Instagram dreamy launching story, that shows how the noise you make entering the market can help you go a long way. So including the usage of automated advertising in your go-to-market strategy can help you alot. Specially in testing and iterating quickly, and dominating a bigger market share later.

3-  Higher Growth Rate

As a previous startup founder and current growth guy, I know that the next thing you set your mind to once a product is launched and promoted, is how can I scale it? This is where automated advertising can be incredibly helpful. When you do your advertising through an automated advertising platform, it ensures your ads are being delivered to your target customers. Through its algorithms that do all the content analysis and retargeting for you, and scaling it is just a matter of choosing a higher plan through a click of a button. No need to find new keywords, or hunt for new target customers. This will make your product grow faster. As it’s only being promoted to the relevant audience in a scalable and cost efficient manner.

4- Lower Cost Per Acquisition

New Hosting, more salaries, more recurring expenses, increased marketing budgets, … etc. Launching a new product is quite expensive. The last thing you want to do is to increase your cost per acquisition (CPA) unnecessarily. This is where an automated advertising platform really shines! Since your ads will only be shown to the interested visitors after analyzing the content of your website, ensuring that people who come to your site are relevant to the product or service you are promoting, this results in maximizing the conversion rate, and respectively minimizing your CPA. Hopefully you won’t be spending any nights like the poor guy below ?

New Product

5- Maximized Retention Rate

Launching a new product and trying to new users to adopt it has its challenges. Like when some of your new customers start using your product on day one and abandon it the day after. However, this is less likely to happen to when adopting an automated advertising system, which laser targets your promotions to people who will love your product. Since they are trying it because they find it relevant, not just out of curiosity. This will increase your retention rate, and help you scale your new product faster.


If you want to see how automated advertising can help you launch and scale your new product, you can give our newly launched automated advertising platform InstaScaler a ride. But for now please excuse me, I also have a newly launched product to scale! ?

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