Launch Of The World’s First Automated Advertising Platform!

Automated Advertising Platform

This is an introductory post for launching our new product InstaScaler, the world’s first automated advertising platform. We believe it is the solution to all your online advertising targeting problems. You can read below the problems it solves, how it works, and how it’s different from other online advertising platforms. Or you can give it a spin yourself!


We know this problem well. Starting your own business, launching a world class product, and ending struggling to scale it up! We know this problem well, because we have faced it personally several times ago in our past businesses. Accordingly, we decided to build a product that solves this problem. Using the power of artificial intelligence and data science, we were able to create the world’s first automated advertising platform!

The Old Ways Before The Automated Advertising Platform

Since the beginning of the advertising industry, advertisers used to waste a lot of time, effort, and much more money on ads. They hoped to reach their targeted audience, and they would forgive any losses in these elements just to reach their target. The advertising model back then was all centered about paying more to reach more, regardless who will they reach to, and in which context. But now in the connection age, we can use the advanced applications of artificial intelligence to do our work more effectively and in a smarter way. That’s why we launched InstaScaler.

A Rocket Launched!

InstaScaler is the world’s first automated advertising platform. Introducing a new concept as the first TaaS (traffic-as-a-service) model which is built especially for startups and small and medium businesses. Our patent pending algorithms use the power of artificial intelligence, and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, to provide you with the most relevant audience online.

Secret Sauce

InstaScaler doesn’t only provide you with any website traffic, but with laser targeted, high quality visitors that will maximize the chances to engage with what you are offering to the max! Using data science, our algorithms analyze your website first, find the most relevant audience online, and send them your way. (It’s that simple!)

Automagical Not Just Automated!

Unlike other advertising services, InstaScaler doesn’t require all the hustle needed to set up and run an ad campaign, that deliver (more than) the expected results. It also doesn’t need any technical/marketing skills, all you need to do is to click a button, literally! You just need to add the website/page you want to get traffic to. Afterwards, select the countries you want to get the visitors from, and choose a monthly plan. Then prepare yourself to see the magic in action!

Automated Advertising Platform

Do You Want to Spend More Money Pointlessly?!

Unless you want to do that on advertising your online business, head over now to InstaScaler website and sign up to start advertising your business automagically! (Claim your free bonus credit upon signup now!)

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