5 Reasons Why Automated Advertising Is Essential To Your Startup Business!


After you launch your well built product, you become more focused on the next step. This includes promoting it into the market and make it reach its target group. And if you are a startup business (as we are), you probably know how exhausting this can get. So in this post, we are introducing 5 reasons why automated advertising is the way to go now! Only if you want to promote your recently launched product to reach its target group exactly, in a faster way, and above all with cheaper cost.

1- Product Development, Fast!

When you use automated advertising, you reach your target group from day one. That’s because almost everyone your ad campaigns reach is from your target group. Which will help you a lot with your product development, because the feedback you will get from the impressions and visits will be from your ideal buyer personas. Unlike traditional advertising campaigns.

2- Laser Targeted

Here is a big idea: Why should I use traditional advertising services and pay for each impression and click, even if there are a lot coming from irrelevant audiences (not interested in my product or service)? If I use automated advertising, there are no irrelevant or wasted impressions or visits. This is because A.I. is guiding the targeting on my behalf and ensuring I’m only getting interested visitors.

3- Less Cost

As we were discussing in the previous point, when using traditional advertising services you pay for every impression and click. But when you use automated advertising service, you are only charged for the relevant impressions and clicks. This respectively lower your CPI and CTR rates, and maximizes your ROI from the advertising overall at the end. Like what happened with our customer ChicLivingKit when they used an automated advertising service, it reduced their advertising spend by 65%, as long as increased their daily traffic by 300%!

4- More Effective

Depending on the laser targeting point also, the ads you create using an automated advertising service are killer ads! Because they reach your targeted group in a very smarter way (human understanding level), and collects them from the internet websites and send them your way. Which always results in a more than expected results as the image from our dashboard shows below:

automated advertising

5- Hustling In The Right Direction!

We know when starting a new business, you have tons of important things to do and focus on. Therefore you absolutely don’t need an additional hustle to track and optimize on a daily basis. That’s why we think automated advertising is the right choice for startups and SMEs to put your advertising on autopilot and focus on what matters, at least in the early (tough) days.


If you are considering using an automated advertising service after reading this post, then you are in the right place! Check out our recently launched platform InstaScaler that creates automated advertising campaigns, to provide you with laser targeted, and high quality visitors to your website, automatically! (Sign up now and claim your free bonus credit!).

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