Automated Ads

InstaScaler helps you automate your Ads creation for any of the traffic sources including Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, and hundred of other sources.

What is Automated Ads Creation?

The first step to run a digital Ad would be creating the Ad with the correct content, banner sizes, targeting options, budget, choosing the best CPC, the call to action and many more settings. The whole journey starts with selecting the traffic source you want to run your Ads on, then making sure all the Ad copies are properly configured to get you the best results.

How does the engine get the data?

When you enter your website, InstaScaler’s engine extracts the required data from your website. In addition to the images on your website, it extracts page titles, description, keywords and the most prominent text used. The extracted data will then be used to create the multiple versions of the Ads for the different traffic sources: Google Ads, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and more.

Your Domain

You enter your website URL and the targeted locations you would like to get traffic from.

Ad Text

InstaScaler extracts the text to be used in the Ads from your website and competitor websites


InstaScaler extracts the prominent images as well to be used for the banner Ads.

Ad Variations

Using the Ad text and images, InstaScaler creates multiple variations of the Ads.

The different types of automated Ads

Depending on the type of business, targeted locations, and your budget InstaScaler creates Ads for the traffic sources. For example if your campaign will run on Google, InstaScaler will create search Ads using your website meta data, and keywords.

Search Ads
Email Marketing
Display Banners
Social Ads
Native Ads

Examples of Automated Ads

Ads created by InstaScaler engine differs from one site to another, below are examples of the most common types of Ads.

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