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Why InstaScaler?

  • High Quality Traffic

    InstaScaler uses patent-pending algorithms to analyze your website content, then chooses the best traffic source(s) for your business category

  • Automagical

    You don’t need any technical or marketing skills. Just plug in your URL, and let the machines do the rest. That’s it, literally.

  • Budget Friendly

    We want to make your life easier. Choose whatever package you like, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

Setting Up Your Campaign

All you need to do is

  1. Add The URL

    We will need the URL of the website or page you want to get traffic to.

  2. Select The Countries

    Select the country or list of countries you want to get your visitors from.

  3. Choose A Plan

    Choose one of our monthly plans (Starter, Scaler, or Super Scaler) depending on your monthly budget. You can pay using PayPal, Credit Card, or a bank transfer.

  4. See The Magic!

    Our algorithms analyze your website, identify the best traffic sources for your offering and automatically direct high-quality traffic to your website!
    Examples of traffic sources we use include Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Instagram and more.

Start Using InstaScaler

In a nutshell

InstaScaler is an automated digital marketing channel which is easy to use by small business owners and startups without the need for any dedicated experienced team, SEO/PPC skills, or time-consuming optimisation.

Automated/Fully Self Serve Platform
Not Available
Not Available
Automatic Targeting
Not Available
Not Available
Monthly Subscription (Recurring monthly advertising budget)
Not Available
Not Available
Dedicated Customer Support
Not Available
Not Available
Dynamically Created Ads
Not Available
Not Available
Automatic Optimisation
Not Available
Not Available

Take a video tour and see the power of InstaScaler and how it can help you grow your business!

Plans & Pricing

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What is your monthly budget?


up to500 conversions

1 User Account

Email Support

30 Days of Historical Reporting Data




up to1000 conversions

1 User Account

Chat and Email Support

60 Days of Historical Reporting Data



Super Scaler

up to2000 conversions

1 User Account

Phone Support (plus Chat/Email)

Unlimited Historical Reporting Data

Dedicated Marketing Advisor


Custom Plan

If none of the plans suits you or you have a different budget in mind we're more than happy to customize one just for you.

Some of our awesome clients

See what our clients say about us

Mandarine Academy

We started getting traffic by doing almost nothing! I like the fact that Ads are created automatically without us having to use several platforms.

Lea Rebertson


The team is very impressed with the campaign results. Now I know what you meant by the machine will optimize the traffic.

Raptivism Team

Dan From Doogheno

We had a 300% increase in traffic from the regions we wanted. Visitors were staying on the website and engaging with the website! They were just what we were looking for.

Dan Smith