One-Click Advertising

InstaScaler will fully automate your digital advertising using patent-pending technology, powered by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence.


Automated Ads

InstaScaler will acquire traffic for you using ads that are automatically created by our engine across Search, Display, Mobile, and Social. Delivering you high quality traffic from all relevant sources


Multiple Traffic Sources

InstaScaler Ads will be created across 100+ traffic sources including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more


Automated Optimization

InstaScaler Ads will be automatically optimized using our A.I powered engine to ensure you get the best results without any manual effort

Start Growing Your Website Traffic

Acquiring high quality website traffic is the key to your business success. You can't get customers without traffic. And the best part is that it is FULLY automated with our platform.

How It Works


Enter Your URL

Enter the website URL you want to drive traffic to. Whatever the website, InstaScaler will get the relevant audiences to it, automatically.


Choose Your Target Locations

Your target locations are the countries you want to target people in and acquire traffic from. We recommend a maximum of 4 countries.


InstaScaler Scrapes Your Website Data

Our engine will use the URL you entered to extract all the information required (images, text, meta data, keywords, competitors etc..) This data will be used by the A.I to decide the best channels to acquire traffic from and to automatically create the ads.


Your Campaign Enters the Testing Phase

The engine will use the Ads created using the extracted data to test which variations will generate the best traffic. Any traffic you receive during the testing phase is free.


Your Website Starts Receiving Traffic

As soon as the testing phase is done, the engine shuts down all the traffic sources that are not performing well and selects the best performing ones. Your traffic delivery starts, and you will be able to see the traffic on your InstaScaler dashboard and on Google Analytics.

Small and Medium Business

InstaScaler provides small and medium businesses with laser targeted, and high-quality website visitors, using only the push of a button.


Enterprise Solution

InstaScaler works with hundreds of agencies and large business around the globe who provide top-notch service spiced up with our advanced features.


What You Get

Ease Of Use

The whole process of signing up and creating a campaign takes around 3-5 minutes

Reporting Dashboard

Monitor your campaign performance using an easy to read dashboard

Guaranteed Number of High Quality Visits

The number of visits is based on the numbers you see on Google Analytics

Online Customer Support

The team is available to assist you with any inquiries and requests through chat and email support

No Locked Contract

Get Started with InstaScaler

You are one step away from automating your customer and traffic acquisition. You can upgrade or cancel anytime.